I have been very busy the last two weeks and have not started my competition cakes. I did a cake for an AIDS dinner fundraiser and two for a big party that was held for everyone who attended one of the individual dinner parties. These parties were held in the homes of people all around town. I did not attend any because I had so many cakes to do, but I’ve been told that they were all a big hit and raised a lot of money for AID UPSTATE. I hope everyone will find that even if you are not in a position to donate cash, there are lots of ways to help your local charities. These 3 cakes were a joyful donation.

The 3 tiered square cake on the left was chocolate fudge and the bottom tier had mocha Kahlua mousse butter cream. It was decorated with embossed red fondant ribbons, red sugar sculptures and silver pearls. The 3 tier round cake was amaretto with vanilla mousse butter cream. It was decorated with silver pearls, red fondant diamonds, circles and hearts. It had wire sculptures with red decorations on them. http://www.arteatsbakery.com/

This 3 tier square cake has antiqued red baroque sugar sculptures, red ribbons and sugar pearls.

This is a present cake for a girl’s party with chocolate fondant, pink polka dots, sugar ribbons and flower.


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Owner / decorator at Art Eats Bakery
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